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As an e-learning consultant, Val has always frequented art schools from Paris to Barcelona.


She discovered glass at the international stained glass centre in Chartres (centre int. du vitrail de Chartres). It was a real encounter and the revelation of what her artistic path should be.


Valérie is fascinated by light and transparency. She abandons the canvas in order to dedicate herself fully to glass. She is exploring different ways of expressing her creativity and spark emotions of the observer.



The raw material becomes soft, warm and delicate. 

Her creations take us on a journey….. depending on the reflection of the glass, the whims of the material - as it is the material that drives the central theme of her work.


Each work tells a story. Val invites us to discovere them and find a shape, movement and, above all,  serenity….


For the past few months now Val has been living between her gallery in Eze village and her studio in Montreal in order to prepare new exhibitions on the other side of the ocean.


 EZE GALLERY 2009 - 2022

In 2006, life brings Val back to her roots: the Côte d’Azur, where she decided to turn her passion into her profession.  She opened her first studio/ gallery in Villefranche sur mer in 2009, followed by a small gallery in Eze in 2013.

Val left her two galleries in 2019 to open «Galerie Val», 1 rue de Pise in Eze village.




Today, her goal is to refine her glass painting to the essentials and achieve beauty through sobriety.

A line, a tone or a tiny detail will illuminate the work differently, thanks to the light of each moment of the day.

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